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The 7+ Railroader



For years now Bob Williams has done a fantastic of publishing the 7+ Railroader. It's growth and improvement under his stewardship has been significant. The time came, however, to pass the torch on, and now Greg and Susan Robinson will be bringing you this excellent magazine. Through their company, Robinson & Associates, they are the publishers of the Grand Scales Quarterly magazine and producers of the Grands Scales Video series.

The 7+ Railroader is a quarterly publication for riding-scale model railroaders; folks with rails more than 7 inches apart, but less than 4' 8 1/2" gauge. If riding through your garden on a miniature railroad sounds appealing, read on!

And please do not assume you cannot afford such a hobby. All kinds of people participate in this hobby from bicycle mechanics to millionaires.

If you are new to the hobby, why not visit the club nearest you? A list of clubs in included on the "Couplings Pages." There's a link below.

For a sample issue, please click the "Publication Information" button below.

Would you like to Visit the Most Famous
Live Steam Railways in the World?

Learn about the GSQ TOUR 2002 to England. You'll enjoy visiting some of the premiere 12" and 15" gauge railways in England as well as the Ffestiniog, the Nat. Rly Museum in York, and a dinner on a luxury Pullman.

PHOTO: Linda Ulin beside the model of a Mason Bogie built by her husband, Richard. The engine
was featured in a construction series in
The 7+ Railroader.
Mason Bogie, built by Richard Ulin.
[Harold K. Vollrath photo.]

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